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Novena (Day 6)

by Franz Speckbacher

Consider: Together with Brother Klaus and the great Carmelites, St. John of the Cross, Theresa the Great, and little Therese, we are now on the right path of our true devotion of Mary, the veneration of the "Rosa Mystica," the "Mystical Rose," and we may speak the words of St. Louis de Montfort:
"The quickest and easiest way to mysticism is Mary -- the Rose of Mysticism."

At the same time we must, however, prevent ourselves from falling under the widely-spread misunderstanding to believe that x-many recited rosaries together with x-many pilgrimages and devotions have now given us the "ticket to Heaven," otherwise we deceive ourselves! St. Louis de Montfort knows very well how to differentiate between faked and genuine Marian devotion; not just any way leads to mysticism! A whole list of wrong ways of Marian devotions are mentioned by him; e.g. the anxious way, the impertinent way, the superficial way, the selfish way (how much selfishness there is in spiritual intentions!), etc.

Devotions to Mary must be genuine, needs inner preparation and cooperation; it needs devotion that is really trying hard not only to recite casually x-many beautiful prayers and "devotions" but also to inhale the real spirit of Mary; to do everything "with Mary, in Mary, for Mary;" to ask oneself consciously and with your innermost heart: "What does Mary want from me? What would She do in my place? How can I please Her? What would She certainly disagree with?" What changes would occur in the world, in the life of a person, in families, societies, and in nations if one were really prepared to be led by Mary."

We pray: Maria, Rosa Mystica, help us to get to know you more and more, lead us and guide us that we may be able to find the path to your mysticism. Amen.

3 Hail Mary...

From Rosa Mystica Novena Booklet (Published by Mediatrix-Verlag in 1986)