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Novena (Day 1)

by Franz Speckbacher

Consider: The extreme opposite to the Rosa Mystica: the dirtiest and most gruesome thing in the world; beauty and ugliness; the destruction of God and man in modern art, by the mass media, in the press, on the radio and television; the destruction of all values and order before and in marriage, in education and at school, shameless fashion taken to extreme excesses; all this carried right into our churches and to the holiest places.

We pray: Maria, Rosa Mystica, please protect us from all shamelessness and degeneration, preserve in us the sense for good and evil; prepare us to do battle in defence for all that is pure. Maria, Rosa Mystica, graciously hear us and pray for us.

3 Hail Mary...

From Rosa Mystica Novena Booklet (Published by Mediatrix-Verlag in 1986)